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This site is intended as a celebration of the craftsmanship of the artisans who worked with that elegant natural material known as Hopton-Wood Stone and as a tribute to the raw material itself.

The Book

In 1947 the Hopton-Wood Stone Firms Limited commissioned a book dedicated to Hopton-Wood Stone.  It served them to extol the stones virtue to the Architect and to the Craftsman.  The book also described the geological oddities, commencing some 280 million years ago, that resulted in the formation of the rocks from which the stone was extracted.

Sculpture in Hopton-Wood Stone

Included among the examples shown here are works from contemporary artists.  They clearly demonstrate that in the hands of the right craftsman the stone can still be made to exhibit the quality of restrained grace and polish that made it so popular with artist craftsmen of the past.

Some History of the Hopton-Wood Stone Firms Ltd

Whilst not pretending to be the definitive resource on the Hopton-Wood Stone Firms Limited, this compilation contains material varying in it's subject matter from contemporaneous accounts of the practices of stone extraction to sales literature from as early as 1898.  Of especial interest are the photographs of the Hopton-Wood Stone Quarry in it's heyday.


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